DLSU’re the one I love

My group and I actually had a hard time picking our final topic. We actually considered several ideas such as mental hospitals and commuting routes before settling in on this one. This topic was only laid on the table at the last minute. I guess this is the group’s buzzer beater. Choosing a topic —it does … Continue reading DLSU’re the one I love


DigEatAll {Rappler Podcasts}

How long have you been creating podcasts? When did this start? Rappler's investigative and research section, Newsbreak, began creating podcasts in 2015, with this pilot episode: (http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/rich-media/88881-podcast-investigative- reporting-101-marites-vitug). There have been several episodes posted weekly after that; and that can check out with a list on Soundcloud: (https://soundcloud.com/rappler/sets/theinside track). Meanwhile, last year, the company has … Continue reading DigEatAll {Rappler Podcasts}

DigEatAll {Rappler}

What is the History of Rappler? Rappler started in 2012 as a facebook page called MovePh. Created by veteran journalist, mostly females. Its focus was nation building and having a strong community. The name Rappler came from the words Rap (to speak out) and the word ripple. How are you coping with Facebook? Rappler owes … Continue reading DigEatAll {Rappler}

DigEatAll {Magic 89.9}

Are there still advantages in being a traditional radio organization? Magic 89.9 believes that being a traditional radio organization still has its advantages and one of the main leverages of Magic is their content. They come up with their own content that’s why they have unique shows such as Boys Night Out and Good Times.  … Continue reading DigEatAll {Magic 89.9}


Is Digital media eating up Traditional media? Digital Media is becoming more prominent than ever. With the rise of new technologies and the power of the Internet, is traditional media truly giving in to the force pulling them down? Or are they still in equal footing with their competitors? There are heavy challenges posed by … Continue reading DigEatAll