DigEatAll {Magic 89.9}


  • Are there still advantages in being a traditional radio organization?
    • Magic 89.9 believes that being a traditional radio organization still has its advantages and one of the main leverages of Magic is their content. They come up with their own content that’s why they have unique shows such as Boys Night Out and Good Times. 


  • As a traditional organization, how are you coping up with the challenges today, in the digital world?
    • For a while, they competed with Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. However, creating original content was the main formula they used in order to contest such competitions. The DJs were allowed to talk more and engage themselves with their market, their listeners.

radio vs spotify.jpg

  • Has the organization faced any significant changes due to the rise of the digital world?
    • Magic didn’t face any major transition when competitions such as Spotify emerged because their content was already well-established. Still, they strived to be more creative especially when iTunes and YouTube became a threat to the company. 

  • Do you see the prominence of digital publishing as a threat or an opportunity for your organization?
    • It’s going to be a threat– probably soon or probably in the future– but what Magic is constant with is change.


  • Do you think that there’s still a possibility for traditional media to dominate today’s market?
    • Andrew hopes that traditional media will be able to cope up with the digital era. He thinks nothing will go wrong as long as Magic, and traditional media in general, will continue to be creative with whatever they do and launch. He also stated television as an example and how instead of being threatened by YouTube, it managed to overcome the pressure.
      Don’t be scared. Don’t be like “let’s draw a line –diyan kayo, dito lang kami.” Traditional and digital media need to merge.
  • Aside from digital media and the challenges posed by the internet, what other threats/hindrances do you face?
    • Magic is frequently does the trial-and-error method. They try a show by running it for 2-3 months. If a certain show doesn’t work, they would always try and experiment with another. It’s challenging to construct a content and the same time, get the right people to work for the show and the station. The constant challenge for Magic is keeping their egos intact particularly since they are a personality-based station. They often have to deal with various egos and sometimes, strings tend to tangle a bit too much.
      When they were exploring content like Mo’s Forbidden Questions, Andrew, being the station manager, would often get called by KBP and of course, he had to explain himself and defend the company. Especially then, when content like that is new to the public, he had to contend. He said how magazines need to be policed as well as the Internet. He believes that if radio will not experiment and do the same, the company, and the whole radio industry in general, will have a difficult time keeping up and staying alive.
  • Since Magic 89.9 actually streams online via their website or Facebook, do you think that some might not listen to the radio itself anymore?
    • In the Philippines, the research is still about terrestrial radio especially with the traffic and more than anything else, thee connection. For the industry and Magic, faster connection would be a threat.
  • Creative ideas you came up with to compete?
    • Andrew asked the team to be more interactive in their engagement with the listeners. Magic became more relevant especially when there are nationwide events such as campaign periods and elections. In such occasions, Magic tend to be more aggressive in getting guests that people can relate and interact.
      Back then, only AM can do that. But Magic, being a highly developmental company, started to do the same by becoming more open to guesting different types of people.


  • What are the other changes you saw with magic, as technology and digital world continue to evolve as well?
    • Andrew explored Facebook when it surfaced. He thought it was going to be something really big. He advised his program director and on-air supervisor that time to use Facebook as a platform for their own good. They registered and asked fans and listeners to talk to them via Facebook. They were also very into the social media sensation. With the whole digital thing, it even became an advantage to Magic because as of now, they are streaming live and using HD cameras.


Before leaving, we were given the chance to see the radio transmitter located at the 48th floor of the building. Apart from gaining oodles of information, we also got to see a great view of the city. A bonus treat!

Thank you again, Mr. Santiago, for accommodating us in your magical radio station!

[From L to R] Reine Bantang, Mr. Andrew Santiago, Danielle Aglubat

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