I Love You[r Money]?!?

Is it about you or your money?

It’s February! It’s just been a little over a month since the last time people rushed to the malls and tried to snag the best deals they can splurge on for their loved ones because of Christmas. Now, here we are again heading to malls and seeing all these wonderful signs of red alerting us to go and spend our money because we need to show our love to our special someone– or someones.

Brands and marketers have studied how we, the consumers, act and behave with our money. They’ve come to the conclusion that for Valentine’s day, men actually spend MORE than we women do. But because it is the special day to show how much you couples love each other, obviously all the money you men spend are for the women [or men, if you’re into that].


“Jewels, clothes, gift cards… Men spend 65% more than women.”

According to Poder.IO, the top choices of gifts that men buy are jewels, flowers, and romantic dinners. None of these come really cheap, so the other options men usually go for are clothes or better yet, gift cards.

“…the Millennial generation is not doing so well financially.”

Valentine’s Day is honestly just another day for capitalism to win over everyone. There are already a LOT of articles talking about how we, the Millennial generation, are not doing so well financially compared to those Baby Boomers because of how we do things mostly because of “passion”. Already considering how “broke” our generation could be, statistics still show that Millennials are the ones who spend Valentine’s Day more than any other group.

What does this say about our generation’s concept of Valentine’s Day? Better yet, what’s our concept of LOVE? Does this say that we are very generous and loving people, or does it also say that we are a generation that is materialistic?


One thought on “I Love You[r Money]?!?

  1. Great read! its sad but true sometimes when people are after the money and not love sometimes its even about just good sex and thats it but hey as humans we all have our own needs and desires! be sure to check out my blog when you get the chance.


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