Storytime: How I Used to Be a Cutie

I remember the times I had to visit my mom or dad’s office after school and eventually have to wait for them to finish their work. They would just tell me to sit down by their desk and find something to do, like draw on whatever bond paper they find. I was pretty much limited to using writing materials they had, which were a bunch of inky sign pens and a number of highlighters– if I was lucky enough to find any. But if I was really lucky, I would hear these magical words uttered: “You can use my computer.” Whether I would hear this from my parents or an officemate of theirs, I would gladly and shyly take the opportunity to use such a wonderful clunky device.

To think I was super lucky to gather some highlighters to color in my art on paper– heck, Microsoft Paint was the happiest place in the office for me! My fascination with the endless things I could do in that one application could not be beaten… Until a thing called the Internet stepped into the picture.

The thirst for creating art was still there, though it was in the form of playing dress-up games and designing my very own Hot Wheels cars on the websites. Even if the glorious dial-up was annoyingly noisy and often slow to even refresh the games menu of the Barbie website, I was entertained and busy– that’s all that mattered. Not too long after, I’ve visited and discovered a great amount of flashgame websites and even played roleplay and simulator games on our very own PC. Just when I thought I couldn’t step it up a notch further, I heard a strange noise coming from the computer while my older sister was using it…


“BUZZ!!!”, went the application on the PC.

I rushed to my sister and found her chatting to her high school friends using Yahoo Messenger. Of course, the ever-so-curious soul in me wanted to know what goes on in YM, and so my sister went on to explain it to me. I was hooked on the idea and I was completely sold as soon as she showed me the “Customizable Avatars” option. I then told my sister that I also wanted to be a part of that Yahoo Messenger, so she did the honor of creating my very first email address. Since that day till I was in 6th Grade, I was known to be on every email related inquiry.

It’s 2017 and I can proudly say that I am no longer using that email address because dear God, help me if I was. I can also proudly say it’s thanks to me being updated with the advancement and the growth of technology and the Internet sphere. Dial-up is no longer a known term in this almost wireless generation and the tech world just never fails to fascinate me. It was definitely great to have experienced the transition from the technology of the 90’s and 00’s to what was what perceived as the future to be– except we still don’t have actual hoverboards.

Friendster, MySpace, Limewire, Hotmail, and all the old and discontinued names will always be remembered. I’m just glad that we’ve moved on and we’re continuing to grow and discover more about how the Internet is changing the world.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. are the big names in our generation now. And speaking of… Why not try checking out my social media handles! [Laughs in shameless Millennial plug]

Facebook: I’m on private mode. Sort of.
YouTube: I’d rather not. I’m not that hard to find either so uh yeah. Up to you. 🙂
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