Oh No, What Should I PUBLISH?


New year, new me – New term, oh geez.

Oh joy, another term with a whole new set of major subjects for the course that I am very much passionate about! Hope I don’t screw this up! [cue confetti]

Okay, as much as this sounds sarcastic, well I normally do enjoy talking in this tone even though I am being very serious and honest about what I am saying. This would be slightly hard to explain with just pure text like a blog entry of some sort, hence why visuals from aesthetically pleasing photos and website layout should do the trick in balancing out my terrible writing skills.

Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself…

Hi there! My name’s Reine but you can call me Reinedear/Reinedeer, if you wish to do so to make my site title make more sense and be more aligned with branding of some sort. I actually have an existing blog— rather a “photodump”– right here on WordPress but it barely has any text in any post since it is literally just where I upload all my photography works. This blog on the other hand is for my PUBLISH class and well, I’m honestly sort of terrified, now that I’m currently typing this post. Not to brag, but I think I have the whole technical aspect of websites and design pretty intact to begin with. Writing wise… that’s a whole new story. I’m not much of a writer because I feel that my words aren’t as “poetic” like others are– hence why I stuck with a photo blog because my photos are louder than words [cue audience laughter].

I’m slightly terrified, but I’m very much excited to learn and practice my writing skills more in this class. I think that the feeling of terror might even help me to produce better content and actually finish whatever I start typing because most of the time, I don’t actually get to finish scripts, songs, or poems that I feel so passionate making. I’d like to thank my anxiety and my utter lack of confidence in writing for helping me add to the pile of my unfinished files of written works. Honestly, I don’t have much expectations for the class because I’ve come to train myself that if I expect too much, I might get disappointed in the end if they are not met. Instead, I only come in to class expecting that I will surely be faced with new and familiar concepts that whether they are simple or complex, I will gladly take them into my system and hope that my brain is able to creatively organize all the information. I do really hope that PUBLISH will guide me in making things like blog posts be more interesting, or better yet appealing to a wide audience.

Overall, I’m just stoked to be part of this class and continue to learn and practice whatever there is in this course and industry that I’ve brought myself into. Every form of media excites me and also challenges me, and I can’t wait to see what kind of ridiculous material my brain will come up with this time.


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